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My work is a response to the poetics of living, to heartbreak and beauty, and seeks to reveal moments that bend our understanding of vulnerability. Concerned with light and phenomenology, I play with the tension between one material, form or object, and another. Light, often neon, seeks a counterpoint, a non-neon element that has conceptual, physical and visual weight, creating immersive experiences that speak to human existence  and ideas.

Consistent questions throughout my work are about distance both perceived and actual, and the perception of strength and permanence.  

Light in isolation is nothing; it can only be fully experienced when one has seen the dark.

Born in the UK, Sarah Blood holds a BA(Hons) in 3D Design and an MA in Glass from the University of Sunderland. She has been a practicing artist since 1999, exhibiting her work throughout the UK, Europe as well as China, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Blood is currently an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Alfred University, New York USA.